the story so far...

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uniquely South African story.


the NoMU factory

NoMU has always been about the enjoyment of building a uniquely South African business, both as a highly motivated and enthusiastic team and also as a family.

why NoMU?

Ever wondered how NoMU got it's name?

Tracy was a vegetarian when she started the business and because of this, Paul suggested that, as a name for her original plan (which was to start a very unique delicatessen here in Cape Town), she ought to have a title that could communicate some of her personality and her quirks as a foodie.


NoMU and the environment

NoMU may still be a small, privately owned business with limited resources but the fact is that we know we also need to do our bit to preserve
and protect our world. We want to make sure that we make a meaningful contribution to protecting and conserving our environment. Click here

how serious is NoMU about your health?

Tracy has created each and every NoMU product in her own home kitchen, with both her own and your health close at heart.
Click here to find out more about our own very personal guarantees about health and safety!

making a difference

NoMU is proud to be a supporter of three fantastic local charity initiatives, namely African Tails who are 'saving our street dogs', FundZa
literacy programme who are getting young people hooked on reading, and our national sea rescue institute - the NSRI. More