Recipe Box

The NoMU Recipe Box is a creative, innovative and actually quite sentimental answer to how to store, collect and swap your favourite recipes with friends and family!

Order your NoMU Recipe Box and receive a beautiful, sleek box with 6 colour coded section dividers, conveniently splitting your Recipe Box into Starters, Mains, Desserts, Sides, Basics and Treats. We have also included additional Blank Cards for you to compose your own recipes and a convenient Conversion Chart.

Then with your first 48 recipes already in your box, continue your collection with additional ‘TOP UP’ Envelope Packs, each containing another 8 Recipes, available for each section again. Each pack contains a ‘Mystery Card’ with a fun and (quite remarkable) prize on offer for those who collect, swap and then send in their full sets! Read more


Each Box Contains:

48 Recipe Cards (8 Recipes per section)
6 Blank Recipe Cards
1 Conversion Chart
6 Colour Coded dividers

Dimensions  207 x 148 x 120mm

   How to use

About the NOMU Recipe Box

Find out more about how you can create your own cookbook over time.

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