How your health matters...

NOMU + You

Although flavour and incredible quality are paramount to NOMU, your health and enjoyment of our products is just as important!

The NOMU range of products are designed with an active, balanced and outdoor-living lifestyle in mind. We make healthy eating fun, easy and very convenient, without sacrificing on flavour.

Read further to learn how!

Daily Dietetics

Each month we chat to and feature expert, local dieticians to get a better understanding on how to eat well without compromising on amazing flavour or busting the waistline. Click HERE to read more!

The NOMU Guarantee

  • All NOMU products are developed with ourselves, very personally in mind. NOMU only produces items that we wanted for our own kitchens, for our families and our friends - you can trust in NOMU to ensure our quality and hygiene codes are therefore as strict as they come.
  • NOMU products are produced in a factory operated to the highest and most stringent, international hygiene and health codes, ensuring you of the highest quality end-product, free of any foreign contaminants or impurities.
  • The majority of the NOMU product range is endorsed by the local Kosher and Halaal authorities. Please consult the specific product pages for more information or to check for those few lines that do not carry this benefit.
  • We take all feedback VERY seriously and we will always try to reply to customer comments within 24 hours. We are proud users of a great piece of locally devised software called timetoreply which allows us to measure and improve online reply times.
  • We will NEVER sell or distribute an item we are not prepared to eat ourselves, a LOT.

The Skinny on our Skinny Hot Chocolate

Who says deliciously decadent flavour can't be guilt-free?!

NOMU SKINNY Hot Chocolate is ideal for diabetics and is also fantastic to use as part of a controlled eating plan.

NOMU SKINNY Hot Chocolate is ASPARTAME FREE! Instead, we have chosen to use SUCRALOSE which is derived from sucrose, is non-caloric, produces no glycaemic response and does not promote tooth decay!

Although Sucralose is a non-nutritive sweetener, it tastes similar to sugar but is 600 times sweeter which means you don't need as much!

It also contributes no kilojoules, which means deliciousness without the guilt! NOMU SKINNY Hot Chocolate has also been approved by Diabetes Association
South Africa.