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Inspiring Creative Kitchens

NOMU is not just a food and lifestyle brand, it is a unique expression of passion for highest quality flavour and experience. Created in December 2000 by Tracy Foulkes, this South African brand is inspired by what is needed in your kitchen. A now global brand, NOMU's extensive range of award winning products include herb and spice rubs, concentrated stocks, hot chocolates, baking kits, vanilla and olive oil.

As one of South Africa's leading and independent food innovators, NOMU is proud to continue to produce an exceptional and ever-expanding range of original, highest-quality and always stylish and beautiful products designed to inspire creativity in your kitchen.

The NOMU Brand Story

NOMU is a peculiar and unique product, developed in an equally peculiar and unique, Post-Democratic South Africa. As a business, its successes and failures chart a fascinating path through the development of a country in flux. Demonstrating NOMU’s entrepreneurial path through this landscape, the NOMU story is presented in a variety of public speaking events throughout the year by Tracy's partner and NOMU Co-Creator, Paul Raphaely. Paul is an experienced Public Speaker, MC and educator, having spoken extensively on topics such as 'Entrepreneurial Brandbuilding' and the 'The Relevance of NoMU to the South African Start Up'.

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Paul Raphaely Speaker  Paul Raphaely

NOMU Know-How

NOMU's is a fully BRC and HACCP accredited and Kosher and Halaal certified, custom-built factory space. Our production processes are supported by the highest global quality and hygiene standards and accreditations, with each product developed to these exacting standards and monitored by an elite team with more than 15 years of product development, manufacturing and export experience.

We have grown our capability to be able to supply not just the NOMU range of products but also a wide range of Private or ‘White’ label items for a host of prestigious clients, both locally and abroad.

Our New Product Development team is highly experienced and well versed in a range of dry process goods development ranging from (but not limited to) everything from warm and cold beverages to baking aids, condiments, food stocks and much, much more.

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NOMU Factory NOMU Factory NOMU Factory

Real Products, Developed by Personal Needs

All NOMU products are produced with ourselves and our team’s personal needs very much in mind. We only make what we want for ourselves and items that make sense to us. We’re quite selfishly motivated that way. But this also means we give all our products an unusually personal stamp of authenticity. Our products are not price-optimised, and not always based on sound consumer or market research. This way we keep things passionate, sincere and authentic, just as they should be!