NoMU goes green - this is how...

NoMU is always seeking more environmentally responsible solutions to our packaging and we utilize only recycled board, paper and plastic wherever possible. NoMU also strives to work with local suppliers at every opportunity in a bid to diminish our carbon footprint and hopefully also do our bit to protect our natural environment. Our thinking is always support local, protect local.

We took one step further and redesigned our cocoa and hot chocolate range, including our number one selling product, SKINNY Hot Chocolate. We replaced the side-seam tin with a locally sourced composite cardboard tube, which means no more dented tins and no more foil packets. The cardboard tubes also include aluminum lining for freshness.

We insist on finding environmentally sensitive ways to recycle our products wherever possible. As a practical example, try these handy tips included below for how to recycle and re-use our various trademark NoMU Packs either at home or at work.

To make things easier for you, we have even created artwork files of all our recycling ideas for you to download. Simply print the image on some high quality photo paper and glue it to your can and you’re good to go.

* Please note: The inside edges of the tin once opened can be quite sharp so where the little ones might be using these tins for arts and crafts you might want to line these edges to prevent any cuts or scrapes.


some recycling tips for tins

1. Kitchen
NoMU Chefs canisters are the perfect storage space for all your cooking utensils. Not only are they big enough to fit any wooden spoon but they look great too!
2. Office
The Rub tins can be used to store paper clips, elastics, etc and the Hot Chocolate/Cocoa tins are perfect for keeping pens, pencils and rulers in.
Download labels: Clamp, Paperclips, Tic Tacs
3. Home
Use in your home to store spare buttons, jewellery, change, pins, clothes pegs, beads, dog treats, paint brushes, tea bags.
Download label: Dog biscuit
4. Toolshed
Very handy for storing nails, screws, bolts, etc.
Download labels: Bolts, Screws, Nuts
5. Garden
Perfect for storing bulbs and seeds. You can also punch a hole in the bottom and use to germinate seedlings. And you can plant herbs for the kitchen window sill.

6. Playroom
Use in the kids playroom to store crayons, pencils, puzzle pieces, Lego pieces, marbles. You can also convert the tin into a piggy bank. Download labels: Pencils, Crayons, Lego

some recycling tips for vanilla canisters

Vanilla canisters Our vanilla canisters are ideal as small shampoo, conditioner, cleanser or moisturiser containers for weekend getaways so that you don’t have to schlep the huge bottles around. Alternatively you can use the canisters in the bathroom or kitchen as a hand soap dispenser.

To make things easier for you, we have created artwork files of all our recycling ideas for you to download. Simply print the image on some high quality photo paper and glue it to your can and you’re good to go.

Download labels: Wash, Moisturise, Shampoo, Condition

some recycling tips for grinders

Please send us examples of innovative and clever ways to recycle and reuse our packaging and once a month, Tracy will select the idea she thinks is the best and send you a NoMU Gift Box to say thank you!
Introducung the NoMU Green Tree
You will begin to notice a “Green Tree” Logo appearing on our packaging. This new mark will signify NoMU’s professional commitment to making our contribution to protecting the natural environment. The NoMU Green Tree will signify our efforts to always work with local suppliers wherever possible in order to cut down on carbon emissions. NoMU also operates strictly with an active process and system to constantly seek environmentally friendly production methods. The Green Tree will also reinforce NoMU’s commitment to active recycling. Much like our Halaal, Kosher and HACCP accreditations, the Green Tree will also imply another layer to NoMU’s quality and integrity assurances.